K-project Micromat

Lifetime and Reliability of Material Interconnects in Electronics

           A research project at the University of Vienna in the frame of FFG Comet program














Our Vision and Goals

Our main aim is development of innovative reliability concepts for interconnection technology in electronic equipments by implementation of new prognostic and diagnostic tools as a cost-attractive and time saving

alternative to the conventional quality control procedures.

The focus is on reliability of interconnects which are the most critical sites in electronic products and the main goals of the research program are:

- Understanding the complex structure of interconnects with respect to effect of miniaturization and analyzing the main degradation and failure mechanisms from a materials science view by application of sophisticated analytical methods.

- Development and application of innovative accelerated mechanical test techniques as an alternative to standardized thermal testing for qualification of electronic interconnects

- Development of accelerated testing techniques for non destructive qualification of interconnects for detection of hidden defects, flaws, and weaknesses which would result in failures during usage

- Studying the time resolved degradation of interconnects by means of vibrational and modal analysis

- Quantitative life time prediction of interconnects based on analytical and simulation methods in combination with the experimental data

- Quantitative relationship of experimental results to in-service reliability, using a scientific acceleration transform

- Development of prototypes for screening of certain types of interconnects

- The technological realization of the gained knowledge for manufacturing improved product reliability and cost reduction

Our research program runs in the frame of one area consisting of five projects in cooperation with three scientific partners and five industrial partners.